Effenshire Home

F1 Console:  client.connect play.effenshire.org:28015

(Server IP:

Located in Seattle, North America

Discord: https://discord.gg/Wa6pbEf

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/effenshire

Effenshire is a low pop (75 slots), RUST Experimental Server brought online 6/2/2016.

LAST FULL WIPE: March 30th

NEXT WIPE: April 6th (Two week cycle)

Our goal is to make Effenshire similar to a vanilla server (such as no player teleports), but a bit more casual and SOLO friendly by restricting and enforcing a 3 person max group and clan size and keeping it low population. We also include quality of life mods such as a LustyMap, 2x slightly increase gathering, half-craft, an info bar, notifications, and a basic starter kit so you don’t start naked holding your penis or vagina. Go play pure vanilla if that’s what you want!

One last bit… Effenshire will NEVER be “pay to win”. I don’t need donations to keep the server up. At some point, you may get a colored name, a custom name tag, or some other purely visual (ONLY) reward for donating, but nothing that has any sort of game mechanic impact.

Your feedback is appreciated!

kraxis@effenshire.org — Owner

For more information, see the Server Info and Mod list pages.

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